7 Essential Tips for Remote Working during CoViD-19!

14 May 2020

What if you could take your office anywhere you want? What if you had to?

The recent pandemic has forced us all to re-think and re-evaluate the ways we work and how productive they are. Remote Working is a concept which is soon taking over the idea of working in big and beautiful office downtown, especially with the current lockdown forcing thousands of companies worldwide to cease operations.

With the recent outbreak of COVID19, remote working has become more like a necessity for almost everyone.

So, let’s have a look at some key Tips to let you boost your productivity while you are Working Remotely and allow your company to flourish during these unprecedented times for all.

Make a To-Do list.

If you think that just “deciding” to make a routine is going to get you anywhere, you are WRONG! The major mistake people make is not scheduling their work. The first thing you should do when you get up in the day is to make a list of tasks you are planning to perform today. While a list doesn’t let you forget any tasks, marking tasks off your list can also give you a sense of satisfaction.

Develop a habit of starting your day by making a list of tasks, and you will find yourself doing wonders!

Don’t hit Snooze!

Working in an office offers you a perk, called Punctuality. But when you are working remotely, this trait of yours can start fading and soon vanish. One basic thing you need to develop in yourself is NOT to snooze on an alarm. This habit can help you actually ACT on your plans. This might seems really simple, but it can act wonders, once acted upon.

Set up a “Workspace”!

It is a psychological fact that being in bed can make you feel sleepy even if you have slept the whole day. Likewise, places dedicated to specific tasks can urge us to get in the mood for those specific tasks.

Research conducted recently states that “90% of the reasons for uncompleted tasks by Remote Workers were related to not having a proper place to work.”

And it makes all the sense. A workplace can be your living room, your balcony, a dedicated office space in your home or any other place suitable for you. As long as you have set it all up to cover your needs (potential meetings, calls, printers, documents, files, PC, Internet access), then the rest depends on your will to succeed.

Invest Wisely!

Once you start working remotely, here are some things you should start investing in to improve the quality of your work.

  • Set up a place with a good background, it will help you provide video service if needed.
  • Good lighting can not only improve your video experiences but are also good for lifting up your mood.
  • Buy a good quality headset that has the functionality to cancel the noise around you. This can let you focus better.
  • A good quality headset usually comes with a microphone. If it doesn’t, buy one. A microphone is going to help you greatly in understanding your clients.

Having these things, along with your working strategies can prove to be integral to your efficiency.

Focus on your goals!

Managing your time can be a pretty crucial job, especially when you are working as a Remote Worker. In order to keep track of your time, making small goals can be helpful.  Dividing a huge workload into small milestones called “Divide and Conquer” is a strategy that proves to be very useful, not only for Remote Workers but for everyone.

Setting your goals according to time is a great strategy as it gives you a clear idea of your progress throughout the day. It is something that almost everyone does and is proven to be highly effective.

Stop when you need to!

When making a T0-Do list, don’t forget to plan breaks. It can help you boost your productivity and enhance your performance to a great extent. Working at home doesn’t mean you should cut yourself from the real world and bury yourself under work. Draw a fine line between your work and personal hours. Giving yourself intervals to get that workload off your mind will help you make time for other activities.

STAY AWAY from your computer’s screen when you are taking time off. Try having a snack, stretch and spend time with family!

Take Time Off for You!

One thing that is most seen in remote workers is that they become introverts. Although being hard working is undoubtedly a highly respected trait, you must also always consider the human factor.

That means you should always give yourself that necessary time to “wind down”, relax and clear your mind of any work-related thoughts. Whether it is meditation, reading, calling your family or simply having a warm cup of tea, Down-time is crucial to your success and mental health.

Either way, companies must move forward and swiftly adapt to the changes enforced upon all of us. The worst thing they can do is to simply ignore what they have learned about their workforce and operations the past 2 months and resist the “New Ways” in which the world now works. This should actually be treated as an opportunity by leaders to facilitate digital transformation to their businesses and reap the benefits.

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