An Open Letter to all Technologists!

28 March 2020

An open letter for all the Autonomous Vehicles companies out there. Let’s act now

Dear technologists and technological companies around the world. Where are you now? This is one of the main thoughts and frustrations that I have been having during this tumultuous corona-virus period.

As it has probably been made clear from my previous publications and articles, technology is my passion. Technology that save lives and helps each other, creates communities and delivers equal mobility for everybody.

On this quest, I have met and shared my thoughts with many of the founders of Autonomous companies, last mile delivery companies, AI companies and anybody that is passionate about making a change in the world though technology.

But today I am really upset. Upset and frustrated with our industry, myself included. In the last 2 months the world has been hit by the biggest pandemic our generation has ever seen and people have been forced to stay at home whilst some are risking their lives to help others. We are living in a situation that is unprecedented, but I feel that most of the technological companies are muted and not doing their bit to help.

Where are all the autonomous vehicle companies that could now be on the road? Where are all those AI companies that can support platforms that can operate remotely? Where are the last delivery platform organisations?

What are you doing to help in your capacities? What do you need so that you are able to make a difference? Who are you expecting to give you the green light?

This is an opportunity for the autonomous vehicle industry to take center stage. A time to demonstrate that technology can pave the way for collaboration. This collaboration between industries in need could make a difference and potentially even saves lives.

The streets are empty, the roads are empty and one of the biggest problems that all the governments have is the delivery of goods and medicines to those who need it. This is a huge opportunity for autonomous platforms make use of the situation and test their expertise. Deliveries to the elderly and disable people, transport of the potentially infected to and from medical centres, clean, isolated transfers for the brilliant health workers that are taking care of us. It is unfathomable that none of the automotive and technology communities have come forward to propose the use of autonomous fleets for the greater good. Why are we not in collaboration with last mile delivery companies and supermarket chains to provide that support to all of those that are at home scared to go out? To the health care workers having to use public transport to get to work exposing themselves. To their patients to help avoid the unnecessary risk of contamination.

WE NEED TO WAKE UP AND ACT. It is time for us to step up. Let’s organise and create national Technology groups to assess the capabilities each country has and what support is required.

Let’s all join and collaborate.

Let’s share our knowledge and expertise to identify how we can support the world.

We need to communicate, collaborate and drive change where it’s desperately required. Everyone this letter has been addressed to has the ability and financial power to do something for society. It’s my strong belief that if technology companies do not join forces, we are not going to be able to bring our valuable prowess to the forefront of this unheard-of global health crisis. We have already effectively “squandered” the past 2 months and have months ahead of us to prove we are here..

I would like to personally challenge every single Autonomous company, VC and Government out there to think how we can all come to the table and help. There is still time to aid the elderly people, the vulnerable and the heroes in this crisis, but we need to act now. Technology and innovation has to win this battle.

It would be detrimental to stay inactive and I -for one – would wish to make use of our ability to create and collaborate in the most important time of our lives.

I would hence like to invite you all to a Zoom Conversation this coming Thursday, at 17:00 (BST) the 2nd of April 2020 to a Thinking Tank Session to discuss how we can all contribute and assist in this crisis.

Feel free to join us on Slack by simply clicking here.

Feel free to email us at if you have any questions or to register your support or click on the link provided here!

What are your thoughts on the above? Any comments or suggestions of something we should add to our Blog?

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