Are any of these situations familiar to you?

24 January 2018

Take out your smartphone and start a phone call.
You take your camera and immortalize a moment.
You receive personalized recommendations of series on your TV depending on those you most like.
You pay at the supermarket with your credit card.
Or look at your bracelet looking at the number of steps you’ve taken in the day.

What do you think all these daily moments have in common?

The data.

We have managed to convert the voice into data, we have also done it with the images, opinions, transactions or movements that we make. We have done so in a lot of activities and we know that this is only the beginning of what the future carry to us. As consumers we are adapted to use these services. If a company does not offer them to us, we will most likely discard them as an alternative.

But..  at work we continue to resist using them despite their advantages, advantages that we easily identify in other areas of our lives.

Old management practices continue in our daily work. The processes in many companies are linear, with no space for innovation, no space for changes. And the most important of all, in many places we can see how companies insist to have a physical backup of everything we do. An integral transformation of the company is needed. We need to tackle digital transformation at list if we want to remain competitive.

Whatever your sector, there are no excuses, your only alternative is transforming your vision or die.

Article by Aitor Fernandez

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