Automotive Pains & Challenges: Before & After COVID-19!

29 April 2020

After the worldwide spread of Corona-virus and the expected shock of CoViD-19, no entity, large or small, can predict what the aftermath will be. Enormous changes are already being predicted in both business and our daily lives. Digitization will accelerate and the industrial & manufacturing companies will b required to identify ways to change fast in order to survive whilst also planning ahead for future similar occurrences.

Innovation and Research are two of the main areas companies are predicted to decrease investment whilst a variety of cost-saving activities, are also anticipated to be “employed”, in order to survive the financial, supply-chain and other damage caused by the crisis.

The automotive industry which has already being in turmoil for a while now, is one to also highly expected to “suffer”. The last 6 months could definitely not be described as “healthy” which in turn has already had a major impact on consumer confidence and industry revenue as a whole.  No longer than just 4 weeks ago most (if not all) of the major EU Automotive Manufacturers ceased operations from their factories with immediate effect whilst most Tier 1 suppliers, also followed the same “pattern”.

Most of these companies have already been holding crisis meetings in order to identify ways to deal with the pandemic and its repercussions. Nonetheless, there is a common pattern in all which leads to similar decisions:

  • Reduce all product lines and maintain solely the ones that are critical to operations or have high profit margins
  • Furlough most of their employees as an initial phase and resume the exercise of identifying how many would be required to return when possible
  • Review their process & IT systems to understand how they can be more efficient with their workforce working for home
  • Analyse areas of improvement in order to implement digital transformation activities to reduce “bottle-necks” in their testing and product development
  • Develop aggressive market strategies to understand how they can recover post CoViD-19
  • Cost cutting and efficiency improvement projects that allow them to make a change in the organization base in the current situation (i.e. software strategy, change management, business re-engineering)
  • Planning a manufacturing and product ramp up whilst attempting to re-gain production efficiency with the virus still affecting a large portion of the world

The majority of these activities are based around cost cutting, process improvement, manufacturing & product development ramp-up and efficiency as well as a total review of marketing & sales strategies.

As a company at the forefront of technology, Y Mobility has already designed a multiplicity of offers and solution for some of the issues companies are facing below:

  • 80/20 Virtual Testing: This offer is based on one of the potential bottle-necks that all the OEM’s were experimenting during the Covid19 lockdown. Before the pandemic was released upon us, the majority of Software releases had to go through Human or Hardware (SIL, MIL, HIL are just some of those) validations. The percentage validations (80% – 20%) are commonly used to signify the percentage of  physical (80%) and virtual (20%) validation. That has proven to be a “bottle-neck” that Y Mobility and our partners have developed a solution for, being able to offer an 80% virtual and 20% physical validation that can be applicable for 80% of the vehicle testing.


  • Automotive Digital Innovation: In the automotive world, the word digital historically referred – mainly – to  infotainment systems and marketing. Innovation on the contrary, was more related to actual ideas that can change the status quo of the industry. However, having a digital framework that allows innovation is something automotive “players” have never explored, as the nature of the industry is more based on having a vehicle-centric approach. However, this is definitely about to change. The days of having “face-to-face” meetings, factory based workshops and direct brain storming idea sessions, are already a “thing of the past” the last 2 months and rapidly a “Practice of Now”. Our team in the Automotive Ecosystems Solution Team have been working for the last 3 weeks in Automotive Digital Innovation offers , which allow us to provide digital workshops, online thinking tanks sessions, innovation programs and tools to developing ideas from your place of work (anywhere in the world) and still being in contact with your team and efficient.


  • Software & Architecture development Strategy: Most of the OEM’s have two main challenges to overcome.
    • One is the fact that their approach to software development is not efficient due to the lack of digitization and the dependency on hardware to develop and validate the software
    • Their vehicle architectures are not ready to become more digital and have an interaction with their cloud based systems as well as with the data centres. Also, their infrastructure from Edge to data cluster – enterprise & cloud are not efficient.

The Intelligent Mobility Solutions team of Y Mobility has been working hard the past few weeks to come up with potential solutions to the problems we are all facing. Our experienced associate and partners are able to propose the best methodologies, approaches and use cases from our portfolio, to help change the current automotive architecture and drive software development efficiency.

We also would like to announce that for the past 3 weeks the worldwide Team of Y-Mobility has initiated and held online video calls, meetings and conversations regarding this challenges with a highly respected group of industry experts on testing, architecture, software development, A.I., and Big Data to better analyse and evaluate the current situation. Our project is a common-joint goal, open to the public, which we invite you join. We will hence resume publishing some of our Online meetings and Conversations with all our fellow fans and followers online so keep an eye out for some exciting updates.

Alternatively, feel free to simply contact us via the channels provided below to arrange a consultation and meeting with our Team.

What are your thoughts on the above? Any comments or suggestions of something we should add to our Blog?

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