Autonomous Driving – the “Enabler” of the Intelligence Mobility Market

7 March 2018

History has often demonstrated that every single time changes occur in our transportation systems subsequent changes in our society and our economy also happen.

The integration of Autonomous driving services opens up a range of brand new and varied business models in finances, retail, insurance, medical, legal, public sector, media, telecoms, technology and transport. It combines the services of consumer electronics, aerospace, automotive, energy, digital and finance to This is because in order to connect and transport the customers to anywhere they would want to go, the technology would need to combine the services that many industries offer such as the Aerospace, Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Energy, Digital and Finance. In turn, this would accelerate the integration of electric vehicles in society and hence have a great impact on cities and their infrastructure.

The Intelligent Mobility Market

This market would inevitably change the way that people travel, communicate, socialize and consume in the future. Society would evolve to interact with intelligence systems that can predict and communicate with humans to please their desires.

The economy model would change driven by the power of data and the changes from fossil fuel to Electric. The telecoms industry would have more control and power over the economy and transactions whilst at the same time, the energy sector would lead the economy and the prices of transportation (and generally the finance industry) would be disrupted by crypto-currency offerings.

In addition, the Hardware driven market would change to Software driven market where service oriented architectures, cyber security, artificial intelligence, sensors, data and customer interaction features would be the drivers for the uniqueness of most products.

Society, technology, the markets and the entire ecosystems would change to become more intelligent and more software “dependent”. The world would become more connected, better communicated and more integrated. Technology has a huge influence in changing the history of humanity and I  personally believe that these days, we are experimenting the first evolutionary steps for revolutionary changes.

Are we ready for this change?

Every change in society faces enormous “resistance” from many different industry sectors for many reasons, one of which being..the fear of exploring a new “frontier” and hence leaving their comfort zone.  Even though Automotive is a traditional industry, we are now starting to see quite a lot of “openness” and receptiveness changes. However there is still a lot of work to do when it comes to OEMs and Tier 1 organizations in order for them to fully adapt to these advances.

Currently, the most static industries, the ones that seem to be inhibiting change and are not looking forward to move from their comfort zone are the energy and the telecoms sectors. I have to admit that the telecoms industry has evolve enormously the past 5 years with an aim to facilitate their networks and protocols to make this changes to be more smart but have still got a long way to go. However the energy sector seems to be very slow in its .. “reactions” as of yet. You would think that they would be the ones that would like to see more autonomous and electric vehicles in the market, as they would sell more energy. But it looks a little bit like the opposite at the moment. The energy sector is quite skeptical as they are aware such changes would also constitute legislative and grid management alterations which in turn require a high level of investment in order to be compliant.

What about us?

As already mentioned in our post “How autonomous driving could change our society”, it would take some time to adapt to these changes and we are still at the very beginning. I am however very confident we will get there..and to the usual “naysayers” that strongly believe that AI and Technology could destroy humanity, I would strongly recommend one thing.  As Yuval Noah Harari demonstrates in his book Sapiens, societies evolve with technology however they maintain the values an integrity and always manage to survive and adapt to the changes.

Article by David Fidalgo

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