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16 May 2018

Autonomous vehicles, CAV and mobility in general is a somewhat “recent” technological innovation hence attracting major interest from both large corporations in the industry (Bosch, Google, Tesla) as well as members of the public. As experts in the field with a track record and experience in the industry, we are often invited as Speakers or Moderators to offer our knowledge and steer the conversation to the key issues in the industry.

With exclusive exhibitors showing nothing but their services and latest technologies that will help make autonomous vehicles a reality in the near future, Autonomous Vehicles & Technology Events are a must-attend event for anyone working in the industry.

We have hence compiled a brief list of the events we have been invited to attend in the next month so feel free to come and talk to us.

Date: 28.05.2018

Event Organiser: Correos Labs

Event Subject: Artificial Intelligence – How do we use it TODAY

Event representative (Speaker): David Fidalgo – Y Mobility CEO

The participants in the round table are four representatives of entities that incorporate AI into their projects in the framework of four different industries. There is no doubt that IA arouses great interest in the business environment and there are many aspects that are brought up to discussion when talking about its practical application.

Felipe García, Aurelio Jiménez, David Fidalgo of Y Mobility and Jordi Mansanet will be the four voices that will discuss about the matter and Raúl García, Head of CorreosLabs, will be in charge of moderating the round table.


Date: 12.06.2018

Event Organiser: London Tech Week – KNECT365

Event Subject: Smart Transportation and Mobility

Event representative (Moderator): David Fidalgo – Y Mobility CEO

Innovations in autonomous vehicles, data & AI, electric vehicles and shared mobility are revolutionizing the transportation sector.

However, before sustainable, seamless, intermodal transportation can be realised, a brand new ecosystem of cities, automakers, tech & infrastructure companies and MaaS providers needs to develop.

This event will provide a unique forum for all the key players in smart mobility ecosystem to unite in one of the world’s most innovate cities; London.


Date: 19.06.2018

Event Organiser: NordTree

Event Subject: Automated Driving Systems Conference & Expo

Event representative (Speaker): David Fidalgo/Michael Zimmermann
This cutting-edge conference brings together academia, industry, transit and fleet operators, insurers, and legislatures to discuss their plans for safe self-driving vehicles and to address the challenges related to design, testing, deployment and regulations of ADSs from Level 3 through Level 5.

Date: 09-10.07.2018

Event Organiser: Angel Business Communications

Event Subject: TAAS Technology Conference

Event representative: David Fidalgo – Y Mobility CEO

A two day conference and exhibition focusing on whether there are Connected & Autonomous Vehicles Technologies accelerating us to a new mobility future? Over 30 inspiring presentations and unique access to respected industry experts

So as you can probably tell, May and June are some of our favourite months of the year! We’re planning our conference itinerary for all of 2018. We geek out over getting face-time (and Skype) with the top researchers and scientists in autonomous driving and vehicle perception.

Whether you simply have an interest in Mobility and Autonomous vehicles, you have an idea or product you would like to explore or just want to meet us, feel free to drop us an email or message prior to the event to arrange a meeting. Alternatively, feel free to simply approach us at the events above.

Article by Nicholas Kalavas for Y-Mobility

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