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The role of citizens in urban mobility

Throughout the year of Conversations in the Park, we have talked about many different parts of mobility, sustainability, investment, cybersecurity, the cities, but we left the most important part for last. The citizens. The people that live in cities and use mobility modes, and at the end of the day – those whom mobility is

The investment landscape in Europe VS the USA

SPACs and investment as a whole is such a big topic that we felt one podcast episode is not enough to cover it. On episode 4 of Conversations in the Park we looked at what SPACs are actually about. We recorded that in April, when there was a big boom in SPACs. But, naturally, the

Systemic safety in new mobility

For decades, one of the key collective aims of the automotive industry has been to maximise safety. From the introduction of mandatory seatbelts in the 1960s, through to increasingly stringent crash testing protocols today, safety has become highly regulated – and an important selling point for vehicles. As technology develops, so does the need to

Women in Mobility: Do we have gender equality?

Women in Mobility: Do we have full gender equality? by Mihaela Stefanova   About three months ago I set out on a journey to write an article about women in mobility. Very soon realised what a difficult task I set myself and how complex the issue actually is. Naturally, it wasn’t just limited to the

The StartUp journey in the Mobility Industry

Episode 7 of Conversations in the Park podcast puts all the emphasis on startups and how they navigate the complex mobility industry. We invited two startup leaders to tell us about their experiences and the challenges they are facing.  Mari-Ly Klaats is the COO of Auve Tech, maker of self-driving vehicles and autonomous transportation systems.

The ideal city of the future

Episode 6 of Conversations in the Park, sparked an insightful discussion about the ideal city of the future. We were very happy to partner with EIT Urban Mobility, an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union, which has multiple projects centred around improving mobility solutions in urban spaces.

Future of Mobility in the UK: initiatives and challenges

  Recently we released an episode of Conversations in the Park, where our hosts and guests discussed the future of mobility in the UK. An interesting conversation that highlighted some great projects and collaborations that are bringing UK mobility forward. The mobility ecosystem in the UK is quite large. It has an amazing entrepreneurial mindset,

Hydrogen 4 Mobility – the silver bullet for road transportation?

If hydrogen fuel is the future, it has been for quite some time. In 1874 science fiction author Jules Verne set out a prescient vision of hydrogen as an inexhaustible source of energy that has inspired governments and entrepreneurs ever since. During the oil crisis in the 1970’s, hydrogen resurfaced once again as a potential

Applying human intelligence to regulate artificial intelligence

European Commission applies human intelligence to regulate artificial intelligence – what are the implications for automated vehicles? by Nick Reed Following an extensive stakeholder consultation process and the involvement of a ‘High- Level Expert Group’, the European Commission recently published its proposed approach to the regulation of artificial intelligence (AI). It recognises the potential for

Knocking down the fence between automotive and roads

Until recently, the only connection between my roads world and the automotive world was (usually) four rubber things made by Michelin. There was a real “fence” between the two neighbours –civil engineers like me who built roads and increasingly advanced IT systems for managing them, and mechanical and electrical engineers who built vehicles that use

Equity VS Sustainability: An ongoing trade-Off

In episode 2 of our podcast, we looked at the topic of Equity in the world of mobility. That brought up the current reality of our unequal world and sparked a conversation about balancing the equity vs sustainability equation. The UN Sustainable Development Goal Target 11.2 is ‘provide access to safe, affordable, accessible and sustainable

Why investors are chasing autonomous self-driving vehicles?

2020 was a challenging year for the investment community. However, that didn’t stop the excitement for autonomous, electric and smart vehicles. In fact, it continues to grow.  There are crucial changes coming to the automotive industry in the next 5 years. New vast opportunities are opening for economic growth in multiple sectors. Driven by the

Understanding System complexity for Safety & Cyber Security issues

Nowadays there is a lot of discussion regarding how autonomous architectures of the future would be, how we can influence legislation to integrate these technologies, what types of business models would be created, and what the real size of the market could potentially grow to be. Nonetheless, you will rarely hear discussions about the importance

The Importance of Electrical Architecture in AV

For autonomous driving, complex autonomous driving algorithms, including perception, localization, planning, and control, are required with many heterogeneous sensors, actuators, and computers. To manage the complexity of the driving algorithms and the heterogeneity of the system components, electrical architecture is crucial. Autonomous vehicles and their use has become key in our turbulent times, due to

Mobility: Connected & Autonomous Vehicles

Following the pandemic, it is almost impossible nowadays to participate in a Technology conversation, event or idea without hearing the words “autonomous” and “mobility”. Whether that is face-to-face, digital (the #AutonomousVehicles hashtag is equally prevalent) or on paper, CAV is undoubtedly the “talk of the town” for the past few years and that is a

NVIDIA & ARM deal sends shockwaves across the Tech industry (Part 2)

Continuing our blog, about the “explosive” deal between ARM and NVIDIA, have a look at the 2nd part of our Blog below! NVIDIA & ARM deal sends shockwaves across the Tech industry Nvidia’s purchase Cambridge-based UK chip designer Arm for $40bn whilst pressure mounts on UK Government to intervene. About NVIDIA Nvidia Corporation is an

NVIDIA & ARM deal sends shockwaves across the Tech industry (Part 1)

NVIDIA & ARM deal sends shockwaves across the Tech industry Nvidia’s purchase Cambridge-based UK chip designer Arm for $40bn whilst pressure mounts on UK Government to intervene. The long-circulating rumours in the industry, have been confirmed! The news item, which has attracted an enormous amount of attention in the Tech (and not only) worldwide, is

Data governance & the importance of Vehicle & Digital/Enterprise architecture (Part 2)

The main functional gaps that most of them are facing currently are: The lack of a data platform structure that allows them to design a vehicle architecture compatible with the existing cloud and enterprise architecture The onboard/offboard architecture that is only flexible enough for the 10 years lifecycle of the product An enterprise architecture that

Data governance & the importance of Vehicle & Digital/Enterprise architecture (Part 1)

We are living in interesting times, where all of us are now more dependent on data to make decisions every day than ever before. Governments and the public have been taught a huge lesson from the pandemic. Current to the present and the future, the pandemic has brought data, cloud infrastructure, and digital technology to

UK Governments’ Future Tech Strategy!

As the Tech industry has, to a large extent come to standstill with the pandemic isolation measures, the UK Government has announced its latest measures to boost digital trade. Trade Secretary, answering industry calls for support for UK tech firms. As such, the International office for UK Trade affairs took advantage of London Tech Week, to unveil

Y Mobility 2020: Services Overview

It has been a month, where normality is not exactly easy to define and the undoubted changes imposed by the pandemic, are clear for everyone to see. Whilst we have all witnessed a return to employment, shops, and restaurants re-opening in their majority and businesses slowly attempting to resume again, we have also seen layoffs

UK Governments’ new Geospathial strategy

UK Governments’ plan to capitalize on location data Economies worldwide may currently be in a state of “shock” but it is also an opportunity for governments to act fast and identify potential opportunities for growth. The current climate can be seen with optimism if leaders are committed to unlocking the economic, social, and environmental benefits

Y Mobility review: Pandemic and Technology

As the unexpected and unprecedented Global pandemic wreaks havoc in our lives on both a personal level and business level, many companies have attempted to offer their expertise and knowledge to help fight CoViD-19. In this spirit, our CEO and Founder, David Fidalgo, was a pioneer in creating a Technology hub for experts in the

Automotive Pains & Challenges: Before & After COVID-19!

After the worldwide shock of Covid19 we all know that there is going to be a before and after. It would be a change in society and changes in business. Digitalization would accelerate and the industrial & manufacturing companies would need to find ways to improve fast in order to survive as well as plan for a situation similar to what we are leaving today.

Y-Mobility Manifesto: COVID -19 Technology Challenge!

Y-Mobility COVID19 Autonomous & Mobility Tech Challenge Project  Document Objectives   The objective of this document is to create a playbook guidance of the technology challenges we want to tackle by creating solutions for the pain of the COVID 19 and future challenges of pandemic or alarm situations that affect the status quo of society.

An Open Letter to all Technologists!

An open letter for all the Autonomous Vehicles companies out there. Let’s act now Dear technologists and technological companies around the world. Where are you now? This is one of the main thoughts and frustrations that I have been having during this tumultuous corona-virus period. As it has probably been made clear from my previous

The Tesla Rise & their dominance in the EV Market!

The rise of Tesla & why they hold the reigns of the EV revolution (Part 1) In times like these, it is our response and unity that help societies overcome the challenge we are all facing on a global scale. The corona-virus has swept through our cities, lives and businesses at a rapid pace and

Coronavirus: COVID-19 & the Global Tech Industry

As Chancellor Rishi Sunak unveiled a £30bn package to boost the economy yesterday in the Budget discussion in the parliament, you would expect this to be the major talk between all businesses worldwide. Nonetheless, it is not. It has been a tumultuous week to say the least globally with the spread of COVID-19 (a strain

The Role of Huawei in 5G Networks in the UK

Almost everyone nowadays has heard of Huawei. A Chinese giant of technology and the second largest smartphone maker in the world by market share. Some may however argue, they have only heard of Huawei in light of the recent scandal with the United States and allegations their equipment and technology can be harmful due to

Mobility & Autonomous Driving Reflections

Mobility & Autonomous Driving Reflections Since 2016 I have been travelling around the world and have met and debated with technologists, investors, entrepreneurs, OEMs, Tier 1’s, consultancies and evangelists in for mobility and autonomous driving from almost all industry sectors (Automotive, Energy, Banking, Telecoms, Silicon, …).  I have talked, listened, learned and shared my views

Kia & Hyundai invest in electric-van Start Up, Arrival

As the autonomous vehicles landscape is rapidly evolving on a daily basis worldwide, it is evident that more and more major Automotive giants are entering the market. The transport revolution has not left these major players “unmoved” investing significantly into new technologies; collaborating with government and policy makers; and with brands working closer together than

Happy Holiday Season from our Team

It is already that time of the year again. The time where we get a chance to rest, collect our thoughts and of course sit down and enjoy some family time with our loved ones. It is also however a time owe like to make use of at Y Mobility to not only ensure we

The battery raw material reality vs the electric vehicles claims!

During 2018/19 OEMs powerhouses of the automotive industry revealed their cycle plans and strategies for 2020 onwards. The main areas of investment in the near term was primarily electro-mobility. Electrification is seen as one of the key “focus items” in their agendas, as they seek to decrease costs of a KW/hour to a break through

VW increasing its efforts to lead the Mobility industry in 2019

VW increasing its efforts to lead the Mobility industry in 2019! We are almost at the end of the year and a lot of big players in the autonomous driving “space” are starting to deploy strategies, partnerships and spin up companies to fulfil their 2025 vision. We want to take a particular look at a

Brexit and the UK Technology sector

We have indeed tried to stir away from politics in our Blog and have taken quite a “neutral” stance in the upcoming (..or not) Brexit for the United Kingdom. This does not mean we do not have an opinion but the core purpiose of our blog is to educate and share knowledge on mobility, tech

De-carbonisation of the UK transport sector

UK plans to accelerate de-carbonisation of transport sector The United Kingdom’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions have failed to maintain their high levels according to Dermot Nolan the CEO of OFGEM, who sis planned to speak at the ELN at Energy UK’s annual conference on the 16th of this month. Despite Brexit dominating our

UK developing world-first “safety standard system” for CAV!

The UK will introduce a new autonomous vehicle testing system to ensure the safety of self-driving vehicles before they are launched to public roads. As it is more prevalent than ever, Big Data, A.I. and Connectivity are key components to our evolution as a society and a part of our daily lives. We are active

Feasibility funding for autonomous vehicle cyber security

UK government offers £2m fund for autonomous car security The UK government (despite the Brexit chaos and uncertainty) seems to yet still be on the forefront of innovation, especially when it comes to Innovation. Technology will play an important part in the UK’s development and economic sustainability in the post-Brexit period and the government is

Bristol Airport testing driver-less pods

The UK continues to lead the way when it comes to autonomous vehicles and mainly their safe testing in areas where they could sooner rather than later be used. It was announce today that Bristol Airport has begun testing autonomous pods on its many airport routes which are also shared with buses, cars and pedestrians.

UK Space Agency and O2 partner for CAV

The UK – as we have mentioned in many of our previous blogs – is an active player in the development of CAV Technology and the subsequent aspect that will help its deployment nationiwide without network disruptions. In news last week, the UK Space Agency announced that it will be joining forces with mobile communications

Waymo officially allowed to transport passengers!

Waymo —formerly the Google self-driving car project – is a self-driving technology development company and possibly the most active player in the development and deployment of autonomous vehicles globally.

How will Autonomous Vehicles change the insurance game

Autonomous vehicles and the technology supporting are now a mainstream subject on our daily news feeds and media. It is undoubted that the widespread adoption of self-driving vehicles will have an enormous effect on the automotive industry and subsequently a major impact on the insurance industry. According to Research and computer modeling conducted by Accenture

Cranfield University conduct Pioneering study in motion sickness

  It has often been documented that autonomous vehicles could potentially increase motion sickness more than normal conventional vehicles. The primary thinking and reasoning for this is that the three main factors contributing to motion sickness (conflict between vestibular and visual inputs, inability to anticipate the direction of motion and lack of control over the

UK leads the race for Autonomous Vehicles

The United Kingdom has always been a beacon of ingenuity and innovation when it comes to research and technology throughout the centuries. Science and technology in the United Kingdom has a long and proud history having produced many important figures and developments in the field. Major theorists from Isaac Newton whose laws of motion and

What does software mean in autonomous vehicles?

Following form last week’s blog, where we focused on the importance of Sensors for Autonomous vehicles and the CAV industry, it is equally important to comprehend the complexity of the software needed to be able to provide all functions necessary in a seamless way whilst in-sync with all other important aspects of the vehicle. Importance

The Importance of Sensors in CAV

The mobility market (and especially autonomous vehicles) have had a sudden swift back to mainstream news the past few weeks for a number of reasons. Whether that may be the autonomous vehicles deployed in Manchester and London,UK, the merges of giant automotive players such as BMW and Daimler or the fact that autonomous robots and

Mergers – The “Changing” Automotive Landscape!

In recent years the transportation and mobility market has been booming to a rapid pace. Start-ups, OEMs, Tier 1s, Oil and Gas companies, telecoms, infrastructure, insurance services and transportation companies have all invested and developed solutions in the field. This level of investment has created a massive influx of Start-ups worldwide that looks to be

The Evolution of conventional transport systems.. new emerging mobility services and platforms The evolution of transportation, in similar fashion to humankind evolution, has gone through trials and tribulations as it has evolved through time. The world is ever-changing, at a faster pace than ever before and with increasing mobility demand and evolving mobility needs, transport providers of all kinds (private cars or other means of transport such

Ford and Volkswagen join forces on the development of self-driving cars

In news this month, 2 of the world’s largest automaker are to form an alliance with the prime aim being the development of electric and autonomous vehicles. Ford and Volkswagen have officially confirmed the first details of their broad ‘global partnership’, which will begin with the two Giants, pairing up to deliver commercial vehicles in the near future. In

Human feedback could help in the A.I. of self-driving cars

In some interesting news last month, latest research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has demonstrated that ‘blind spots’ in the artificial intelligence (AI) of self-driving cars could be adjusted and redressed using input from humans. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology team in collaboration with Microsoft, developed an ingenious model where AI learns any

POD Driver-less vehicles to be deployed in Manchester, UK

In an interesting update this week, it has been announced that driverless vehicles will be deployed and tested this year on Greater Manchester’s roads. The two-part project is expected to run as a trial which will see passengers ferried across Manchester Airport in futuristic pods using technology and sensors to run without a driver, both

Continental is Testing Robot Dogs!!!

Autonomous vehicles may have sounded  like a futuristic idea just a decade ago, but due to recent technological developments, it is estimated we may well be seeing autonomous vehicles on our streets sooner rather than later..However, to anticipate autonomous vehicles “dropping off” a pack of robot-dogs in order to deliver our most definitely not

Waymo reaches 10 million miles of Autonomous Driving

Alphabet’s self-driving car company Waymo  has spent years testing its autonomous vehicles on public roads. What started as a trickle of miles driven each day has exploded in the past few years and they have now officially announced they have reached the landmark of 10 million driven as it prepares to launch a commercial ride-hailing service with fleets of

Festive wishes from Y mobility

Its that time of the year again and 2018 has been a tremendously exciting year for Y Mobility. It has not only seen the launch of our new website with a multiplicity of useful pages and information on CAV, Mobility and Technological evolution in general but also our attendance at several key events in the

Mobility: Connected & Autonomous Vehicles

It is almost impossible nowadays to participate in a Technology conversation, event or idea without hearing the words “autonomous” and “mobility”. Whether that is face-to-face, digital (the #AutonomousVehicles hashtag is equally prevalent) or on paper, CAV is undoubtedly the “talk of the town” for the past few years and that is a trend that only

Do Autonomous vehicles require “custom maps”?

It is common knowledge, that Autonomous vehicles, (or self-driving cars as they are commonly called) currently lack the common sense needed to navigate using a traditional human map as they are unable to decipher or interpret content. They consequently have to rely on complex map signals that are unaffected by the many variables affecting it such

Speech at UIS Cranfield University

We are happy to announce that our CEO and Founder, Mr David Fidalgo will be speaking at the Unmanned & Intelligent Systems event at Cranfield University on the 15th of November, 2018! The event will focus on Mobility as well as the proliferation of Autonomous vehicles and why everything seems so confusing in the industry.

Autonomous Vehicles: The Road to the Future

Autonomous vehicles are not a fiction of our imagination or Sci Fi movies anymore. They have already become a part of our lives and in some locations, are already on the road and we can only expect see them deployed on roads globally sooner rather than later. Other than Google, some of the other companies

Could a DriverLess vehicle end up in jail?

The CAV industry has been somewhat shaken today by news that companies such as Tesla and Ford that design and manufacture driver-less vehicles and other artificial intelligence systems could in the future face multi-million pound fines and even jail sentences, if their technology harm workers in any way, according to the Department of Work and

FORD’s Safety approach to Autonomous vehicles

As Uber and Tesla have had to learn the hard way, it only takes a little bad press or negative exposure from mainstream media and public trust towards autonomous vehicles goes straight ..”out of the window”. Ford has taken that lesson to heart, claiming recently that it would rather instill confidence in self-driving cars than be first to produce

Autonomous vehicles mean smarter cities

Autonomous vehicles are the “talk of the town” in the tech industry nowadays – especially with the upcoming privatisation of Tesla – and not always necessarily for the right reasons. Lack of clear strategy and plans, without a clear image of the pathway ahead, accidents on a somewhat regular basis and consumer confidence declining daily

Y Mobility at impACT Expo

The countdown to Impact mobility rEVolution’18 has begun! It is the first and the largest congress and EXPO reshaping the future of smart mobility and Y Mobility and their CEO, David Fidalgo have been invited to attend. Discover the technology of tomorrow through the 150 speakers and their vision of intelligent mobility and what it

Autonomous vehicles simple benefits (Infographic)

With autonomous vehicles and connected cars already starting to hit the roads of cities across the globe, the potential benefits are enormous so we compiled a “simple” list of benefits, easy for all to comprehend and see the massive difference that can be made. Tell us what you think or simply contact us if you are a”player” in the industry! Article by Nicholas

8 Ways Autonomous vehicle technology can help shape the automotive industry

It is a common secret in the industry, that when fully in practice, autonomous vehicles will not just cause a stir but redefine the automotive industry as we know it for years to come. The development of self-driving, or autonomous, vehicles is accelerating. Here’s a brief little article of how we believe they could affect consumers

The Future of the “Capital markets” Industry

Capital Markets will look very different in 2020 than they do today. Based on feedback from clients, many have gloomily predicted a shrinking capital markets landscape, over-regulation and the fall of traditionally powerful financial centers such as London and New York. Have a look at our infographic, created via our expert designers with information compiled

Marketing & Autonomous Vehicles

Driverless vehicles are not a fiction of our imagination any longer and we are nearing their application into our streets and consequently daily lives in the not so distant future. Some of the common discussions regularly overheard in boardrooms, tech shows and events are the importance of how they are deployed, the implications they will

Waymo, Uber & Ford join forces

Driverless vehicles are an exciting subject and technological innovation for the public as well as technologists. However, it is also very possible that autonomous vehicles could potentially threaten the workers market and eliminate millions of jobs in the future, from taxi drivers to food delivery workers or lorry drivers. It is hence interesting to see

The 5 Levels of Autonomous Driving

Autonomous driving is a matter we speak about daily here – let’s be honest – everyone’s talking about it, but what will it mean for us and society as a whole? When will we actually see the first autonomous vehicles roaming our street and what are the next steps? In the next ten to fifteen

Australia drafting new laws for Autonomous Vehicles

It has been an exciting year for the motor industry and especially autonomous vehicles for Australia so far. Following the introduction of new regulations to support autonomous vehicles back in January by ACMA, the NTC (national Transport Commission) has now also announced it will be drafting a new national law that will enable the use

Asset Optimization is enabling progress in the Intelligent Mobility industry

In Y-Mobility we believe that autonomous driving is a key enabler to the penetration of EV and Intelligent Mobility into our societies. We understand Intelligent mobility as an ecosystem where the customer can decide the end-to-end journey they want to do with a mode of transport of their choice.  To achieve this goal, both the

A brief History of Autonomous Vehicles (Infographic)

Autonomous vehicles are frequently in the news nowadays and with Companies such as Tesla, Ford and Google as well as entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk, racing to build autonomous vehicles for a radically changing consumer world, let’s have a quick look at the history of Autonomous vehicles until today. These amazing technological revolutions and machines will

Systems on Systems (V1)

Understanding System Complexity in order to solve Safety and Cyber Security issues Nowadays there is a lot of discussion regarding how autonomous architectures of the future would be, how we can influence legislation to integrate these technologies, what types of business models would be created and what the real size of the market could potentially

The long way to verify and certify autonomous vehicles

The main challenge to verify and certify a level 5 vehicle is to show sufficient proof that the system works well in all situations. Actual calculations show that around 240 million kilometers are necessary. This huge number makes it also clear that no single OEM will drive this with real cars. Therefore new, more time

UK Government: No definitive legislation for Autonomous vehicles yet

The British government has yesterday announced via Baroness Sugg that it is to wait for guidance and directions from industry and international regulators in order to start considering legislative and law proposals when it comes to autonomous vehicles. In a letter raised and brought to the attention of the House of Lords in regards to

Autonomous Driving failures help Improve Innovation

Well, it happened..In the same week we have had 2 fatalities due to a machine or a human not operating correctly or as it was meant to operate. Uber and Tesla did not have the best two weeks of their existence for sure.   I was planning to write a post about some of the

Business with the Connected & Autonomous vehicle industry PART II

Connecting the car is pivotal part of enabling the industry’s transformation. Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication is the key point to make intelligent mobility systems work and enhance autonomous use cases whilst allowing for new business models around the vehicle to be created. Services like usage-based insurance (UBI), in car delivery services, car sharing, ride-sharing or ride-hailing are

Stepping towards a world of self-driving vehicles

Autonomous vehicles usually get all the headlines -and most times for the wrong reasons -, but automakers are steadily and gradually adding advanced electronic safety features to human-driven cars as they step toward a world of self-driving vehicles. Car and tech companies such as Audi and Tesla are rolling out laser sensors, artificial intelligence, larger

1st time Autonomous snowploughs are used to clear runway

We all perceive and think of Scandinavian countries as progressive, open minded and generally not afraid to take that leap forward. They epitomize Europe’s society-first democracy and capitalism. They lead the world in many endeavours of Human development, science and social development. Every winter, problems with snow lead to many delayed flights and stranded passengers all over the

Benefits of Autonomous Driving for an Aging Population in Rural Areas

Nowadays, most mobility & autonomous driving technological advantages and trends are developed with a focus on the millennial, (Generation Z and Generation X) living in the cities with a high necessity for solutions that provide them time for themselves and comfort. Technological advantages are trendy these days and sometimes we tend to forget what these technological

Autonomous Driving – the “Enabler” of the Intelligence Mobility Market

History has often demonstrated that every single time changes occur in our transportation systems subsequent changes in our society and our economy also happen. The integration of Autonomous driving services opens up a range of brand new and varied business models in finances, retail, insurance, medical, legal, public sector, media, telecoms, technology and transport. It

Future PowerTrain Conference

What a great start to #FPC2018. Despite the #beastfromtheeast, this year’s event has started off with a bang. This morning has been filled with great presentations, full to the brim with delegates. Plus there has been plenty of warm drinks and great food, keeping everyone warm! The Future Powertrain Conference (FPC2018) is a two day UK event

Taking back control of an Autonomous vehicle when it “gives up”

As vehicles become more autonomous, it is crucial to also take a closer look at technological deficiencies that will inevitable occur. Such issues will undoubtedly occur when entering SAE level 3, where the driver would be allowed to drive hands-off and eyes-off. The official definition for Level 3 (“eyes off”) according to SAE is as

The Importance of Electrical Architecture in AVs

For autonomous driving, complex autonomous driving algorithms, including perception, localization, planning, and control, are required with many heterogeneous sensors, actuators, and computers. To manage the complexity of the driving algorithms and the heterogeneity of the system components, electrical architecture is crucial. The introduction of autonomous driving features, sensors, telematics and the mount of data generated

Autonomous Vehicles – The Mega Trend

Autonomous driving seems to be the trend of the century and will definitely change our lives sooner rather than later. If we have a look current mega-trends in the automotive industry autonomous driving, connectivity, integrated mobility and electrical vehicles, it becomes quite clear that the first three have a direct connection. You can have one

Transitioning to a Digital Economy

According to my previous article, no matter the sector you operate in, there are no more possible excuses for maintaining the old processes in your company. Transformation is vital for success and lack of it could lead to a downward spiral. These changes of processes are transversal and will affect all sectors of the economy.

Business with the Autonomous Vehicles Industry

How to conduct business with the Autonomous Vehicles Industry…Definitely not by only selling the cars. Before you start thinking of any sort of business transaction with the industry it is crucial to consider 2 vital elements. Firstly, with whom in the complete value chain do you wish to conduct business with? Secondly and more importantly,

Are any of these situations familiar to you?

Take out your smartphone and start a phone call. You take your camera and immortalize a moment. You receive personalized recommendations of series on your TV depending on those you most like. You pay at the supermarket with your credit card. Or look at your bracelet looking at the number of steps you’ve taken in

A brief History of Y Mobility

We are a group of motivated and passionate entrepreneurs, engineers and consultants with an amalgamate of knowledge in multiple industries. Our vision as a Network company is to change the paradigm of innovation and technology. Our years of experience allow us to guide SME’s on how to adjust their business models to the new era

The Tesla Story and Me (Part 1)

I began my journey in the automotive industry in 2006, and since them I was lucky enough to be part of the big four technology trends that happened in this industry since the last century. Electrification Mobility Connectivity Autonomous Driving It has been and it is a really interesting journey since I “arriving” here and

How Autonomous Driving could change our Society

We are living in a period of changes in all aspects of life whether that be cultural, discoveries in transportation and mobility, machine learning or artificial intelligence. There is a lot of discussions about autonomous cars these days and we can see and read a lot about “the race to get there“, technological challenges such

Tesla and Me (Part 2)

Connectivity: They main block to enable them to have connectivity ecosystems where the telecoms operators. They had the power to provide the connectivity, control the data allow the customers and other technology companies to use the internet. Their idea was to create a company that would use the same concept of re-usability to send satellites

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