We are a
consultancy of
mobility innovation
and technology

We undertake a variety or technical and consultancy projects for a range of clients in the mobility and tech industry worldwide. Our work is focused on the opportunities offered by CAV, Mobility and other latest technologies in our operating industries of:

Connected vehicles: which enable vehicles and infrastructure to communicate with each other and the cloud.

Automated vehicles: including technologies that enable the simplest of driver assistance features all the way to fully-automated “Level 5” – driverless vehicles.

Our work has helped to deliver complex transformation programmes of great significance globally in the mobility and tech industry. Have a look at our portfolio here for more information or read our Bio’s and company history below.


David Fidalgo


David holds advisory roles in start ups related with autonomous driving and mobility. David majors in all aspects of start up development, investment, strategy and fast pace innovation.

Ged Lancaster


Ged is a leadership technical professional, motivated by the need and opportunity to transform the automotive sector into the 21st century. Committed to safe, highly innovative and robust engineering.


Associate Consultants

We work with a large team of associate consultants worldwide so as to better serve your needs


We have a network of knowledgeable advisors with an ability to immediately assist your goals.

Marco Laucelli

Associate Consultant

Mike Sotiriakos

Associate Consultant

Micahel Zimmeerman

Associate Consultant

Nicholas Kalavas

Associate Consultant

Juan Leal Ilios

Associate Consultant

Nick Gionis

Associate Consultant

Roger Rivet

Associate Consultant

Aitor Fernandez

Associate Consultant

Guillermo Pedraja


Steve Brightfield


Gert Paczynski


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