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ACES Domain Controller Architecture 2015 – 2019

Altran & JLR

Business Challenges

  • Altran & JLR have been co-investing in a program to solve the architecture challenges of 2025. The project CohereSE was created in 2014 and is still under development
  • The aim of the project is to create an architecture framework that enables autonomous and mobility solutions to be executed in a safe and secure approach. The framework was aiming to reduce complexity, cost and time to market
  • JLR and Altran have different visions of how to manage the project and relationships, so the development of the  product was negatively affected 

How we Helped

  • Created a framework for collaboration to allow them to co-create and develop the product jointly
  • Developed the Product Strategy, Go to Market Strategy & Business development

Collaboration Framework

  • Develop a framework where they can share the revenues and IP during the project.
  • Set up the strategy of the framework and advised during the life of the project acting as a Business and Product Development Coach to both parties.

Product Strategy

  • Developed the Product Definition and industrialization strategy from 2015 to 2018.
  • Supported the product roadmap from 2018 to 2020 in an  advisor capacity 

Business Development & Partnership Strategy

  • Developed the Go to Market Strategy and Growth strategy from 2015 to 2018 
  • Advised, supported and coached the business leaders 
  • Delivered the business development and partnerships strategy 


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