Data governance & the importance of Vehicle & Digital/Enterprise architecture (Part 2)

29 August 2020

The main functional gaps that most of them are facing currently are:

  • The lack of a data platform structure that allows them to design a vehicle architecture compatible with the existing cloud and enterprise architecture
  • The onboard/offboard architecture that is only flexible enough for the 10 years lifecycle of the product
  • An enterprise architecture that can support the vehicle & cloud architecture that provide data and insight for the product and customers.
  • Ensure safety, reliability and cyber protection under this architecture

Future Mobility data architecture:

If you think that the mobility architectures are simpler to bring to scale, then you are wrong! The mobility architectures for the future are equally as complicated, due principally, to the number and diversity of stakeholders implicated in order to bring mobility up to scale.

The mobility ecosystems bring a lot of different stakeholders together, that require data for the transport OEMs (architecture above) so the challenges are quite similar here but the complexity to solve those problems increased as the level of stakeholders and structures of the back-end are completely different.

Some of these challenges are quite complex to solve, however, one of the easiest and common challenges that we think that the Automotive and Mobility industry could tackle to create common ground is Data Platforms and Infrastructures. That requires them to create a governance platform that allows the development of a marketplace of API’s that can be used to understand the transactions between different parts of the digital architecture. It is a fundamental base to build security and safety in the transactions between the different layers of the architecture in place.

What we currently see in the market is that neither the cloud provider, enterprise architectures tooling companies, Tier’s 1 or OEM’s of digitalization strategy companies do not comprehend this level of complexity as they are work in isolation. Nor do they understand the challenges of the classical model of automotive.  It is consequently quite complex to support the automotive and mobility industry when the main “players” do not have a clear understanding of the issue in place.

Data governance and Digital Architecture strategies are vital components that companies need to invest in, to support the development of new business models that will allow the market to flourish again. Architectures that will be used to drive future mobility forward will require Government and industry partnership as well as a deeper comprehension of the industry.  Y Mobility comprises of a number of Technical and Mobility experts with years of experience in the data and digitalization strategy fields. Their knowledge and in-depth understanding of the automotive, mobility and data-driven science in the field can assist your company and enable them to a seamless and transformational journey.


Y Mobility has the experience and expertise to help your company in the surviving and growing in the new post-COVID-19 normal. We define and lead with you the right customer-centric digitalization and business agility strategies for your company to compete and thrive in the digital world.

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