The 5 Levels of Autonomous Driving

7 June 2018

Autonomous driving is a matter we speak about daily here – let’s be honest – everyone’s talking about it, but what will it mean for us and society as a whole? When will we actually see the first autonomous vehicles roaming our street and what are the next steps?

In the next ten to fifteen years, the automotive industry will drastically change, more than it has over the past 30 years. Why? Because today we are standing at the cusp of a brand new and exciting era .. The era of highly automated driving.

If you would like to simply have a quick look at these stages, they are summarised brilliantly by BMW in the image below.

Let’s look at the five levels of interaction between driver, car and world through which they drive in our infographic below, in more detail below whilst analysing each level as we go along.

Tell us what you think or share our infographic with your friends and followers. Knowing and understanding how autonomous vehicles work is the first  step to accepting them into our society.

Article by Nicholas Kalavas for Y-Mobility

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