Automotive Market penetration

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AvidBeam has developed an AI toolset for automated annotation of video and LIDAR information. This is of particular interest for the automotive market, as enriched raw sensor data are required and valuable for the validation and verification of highly autonomous driving vehicles. The start-up contacted us as the needed advise to enter the automotive market and for further funding.

Sales & Marketing Strategy

Y-Mobility developed the Sales and Marketing strategy (redesigned the image, messaging and position of the company and how it represents the company at events).

Business Development

Y-Mobility was setting up the EU operation and we acted as the business development force mainly in Europe.

Fund Raising

Y-Mobility developed the fundraising strategy for series A and introductions to VCs.


connected autonomous

Y-Mobility in association with AEVAC and other large organizations  are building a transfer hub to share knowledge and ideas on the implementation and adoption of the ACES projects in Spain and EU.

Automotive Market Intelligence
Automotive  Market Intelligence

B4Motion is a venture building specialist in Mobility and connected vehicles. They approached Y-Mobility because they wanted to develop a knowledge transfer program to learn about the automotive ecosystems and the embedded and critical systems. Y-Mobility was working with the team at B4Motion in 2017 and 2018 to develop the program and support some of their companies.

Automotive Market Penetration
Automotive Market Penetration

HearMeOut had developed an infotainment system that can create communities whilst you are driving. Their product, a voice-activated application provides combined access to all social media platforms in a single interface so that a driver can share their experience or their ideas safely whilst they drive.

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