Waymo reaches 10 million miles of Autonomous Driving

30 December 2018

Alphabet’s self-driving car company Waymo  has spent years testing its autonomous vehicles on public roads. What started as a trickle of miles driven each day has exploded in the past few years and they have now officially announced they have reached the landmark of 10 million driven as it prepares to launch a commercial ride-hailing service with fleets of self-driving vehicles.

Waymo announced Wednesday that its autonomous vehicles have driven 10 million miles on public roads in the United States. Keeping in mind that Waymo only announced it had reached the 8 million mile mark last august and was at 7 million miles just months before that (June 2018), it is quite obvious to see the company’s growth is tremendous and its decided “quicken the pace”.

What’s new: While safety continues to be Waymo’s priority as their CEO will often stress, the company says it always also recognizes that being overly cautious can lead autonomous cars to take longer routes and slow things down for everyone on the road.

Waymo first started its journey on San Francisco roads in 2009, when it was a stealth self-driving car project under the auspices of Google. It has since gone from strength to strength and is considered one of the pioneers in the CAV industry. The company originally span out as an Alphabet subsidiary led by former Hyunday CEO  & President, John Krafcik and rebranded to Waymo in 2016.

What’s next? “While we’ve made great strides thanks to these 10 million miles, the next 10 million will focus on turning our advanced technology into a service that people will use and love,” Krafcik wrote in a Medium post. Krafcik was quick to re-iterate that Waymo designs and rolls out its cars to drive cautiously and courteously, but there are situations in which it’s necessary to drive more aggressively. Merging onto a busy freeway requires a certain degree of determination that the firm wants to teach its cars to exhibit without compromising user comfort. “We’re working on striking the balance between [caution and courtesy] and being assertive as we master manoeuvres that are tough for everyone on the road,” the CEO explained.

Article by Nicholas Kalavas for Y-Mobility

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