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Y-Mobility gives you a strategy that combines business intelligence, tech knowledge and investment expertise. A change impacts all areas of a business, so our intelligent mobility solutions look at your company as a whole. Understanding the different cultures and languages and ecosystem as a whole allows us to support all its members.

Intelligent Mobility Product Strategy

Y-Mobility helps you create sustainable, socially responsible and innovative smart solutions to establish yourself. Our technologists will prepare a detailed product development and business transformation strategy to fit your unique needs. And our business experts will guide through the process of commercialization & industrialisation to reach technology readiness.

Go to Market
& Growth

Using our knowledge of technology ecosystems and the impact of new technological trends, we help you achieve faster time-to-market while remaining competitive. Y-Mobility provides you with a better understanding of the software’s impact on your product offering and a market strategy based on evolving marketing dynamics.

& Investment

With the ever-evolving mobility market, new business models and revenue streams emerge. And your business must adapt to that. Y-Mobility will give you an up-to-date view of available investment and revenue opportunities. We have a number of investors in our team, as well as an extensive network of outside investment advisors. That is how we lead you to growth.

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