Y Mobility at impACT Expo

31 August 2018

The countdown to Impact mobility rEVolution’18 has begun!

It is the first and the largest congress and EXPO reshaping the future of smart mobility and Y Mobility and their CEO, David Fidalgo have been invited to attend.

Discover the technology of tomorrow through the 150 speakers and their vision of intelligent mobility and what it will look like. The main 3 themes discussed are:

REVOLUTIONARY way of thinking

about the ways in which we can utilize technology and data to connect people as well as places and move goods more efficiently using various modes of transportation.


in which your journeys will be totally transformed by intelligent mobility. An ecosystem that will become a strong driving force of economic development while also improving eco-friendliness and safety of transportation systems and cities.

REVOLUTIONARY set of tools

that can help improve the quality of your everyday life – building a sustainable future with clean air and smoothly moving traffic on streets, railroad tracks and in the air.

It is also the biggest EXPO of its size ever and in the EXPO Zone you will be able to experience intelligent mobility. You will be able to touch it – but you won’t be able to hear or smell it – that’s because an electric Formula E car is emission-free and electric cars are silent. It is here that exhibitors from around the world will present the latest intelligent mobility solutions – from lithium-ion batteries and hydrogen fuel cells to AI-based features, electric powertrains and visions of how we are going to move around in the future. Visit the EXPO zone and experience the content.

Feel free to click here to read more about the event, comment below, send us an email or message or simply visit us at the event if you are interested in our expertise or services or simply would like to get to know us.

Article by Nicholas Kalavas for Y-Mobility

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