Y Mobility at MOVE2020 – Mobility Re-Imagined!

15 February 2020

Date: 11 February 2020 – 12 February 2020 – Location: – ExCeL London

It has been an exciting week for technologists, entrepreneurs and forward-thinking leaders in London this week. The MOVE2020 event was held at ExCel in London and of course, Y Mobility was invited and attended the event.

The second MOVE 2020 event played host to hundreds of speakers hailing from all corners of the mobility sector over the last two days and we were excited to join a variety of discussing and speeches relating the mobility industry.

MOVE is considered a major multi-disciplined global event and one of the most important mobility gatherings on a yearly basis. It is undoubtedly where disruptive technology and innovation provided by over 5000 attendees is exhibited to drive much-needed change in our everyday lives.

MOVE is unique primarily for 2 reasons. On the one hand, it brings together disruptors and investors across all modes and disciplines. On the other, it offers the platform for constructive dialogue to flourish, to create insight and to promote collaboration. This allows small companies and start-ups engineering the future to connect to the world’s most influential companies, investors and media, a place where Y Mobility plays a very important part.

As a team, Elena Gavino, our Business Development Manager, David Fidalgo, our CEO, and Ged Lancaster, our Chief Technical Officer, were particularly interested and intrigued by the talks of:

  • Martin Varsavski, (Founder of Jazztel and Prelude Fertility) talking about the current state of autonomous vehicles in Europe.
  • Luis Van Dijk (from Daedalean AG) talking about AI and his talk titled: “Can AI pas the Pilot License Skill Test”.
  • Richard Lucquet (Innovator at the forefront of the Internet Age who pioneered Voice-over-IP, Broadband DSL, IPTV and Future Video technologies) whose speech was circled around Solving the HD mapping & localisation challenge for L4/5 autonomous vehicles.
  • Hans Steuten (from MWMC) who spoke primarily about Applications for un-manned autonomous vehicles.
  • Alex Glassbrook Alex (from Chambers) giving a fascinating presentation about how well the current law is (and is not) equipped to deal with algorithms and AI.
  • – Raj Kapoor (chief strategy officer of Lyft) outlining the companies’ “takeaways” from the previous year and how autonomous cars will prove critical to the future of cities.

This year, the event hosted over 850 speakers, 375 exhibitors, at least 250 start-ups and 5,000 attendees were present, alongside Y Mobility. The event included a variety of themes and offered the ability for interested parties to get the latest information and updates on many industries such as Ticketing, Revenue & Payments – GIS & Mapping – Security, Liability & Regulation – Smart Traffic – Business Models – AIR – Infrastructure & Connectivity – AIR – Smart Cities – Autonomous Vehicles – MaaS – Active Mobility & Ability – Energy & Charging – Auto Futures – Tech Data & Innovation and City Freight.

The 2nd event was definitely a major success in our view with some insightful speaker sessions, great amalgamate of companies and EVs of all shapes and sizes, some exciting product launches and highly informative report releases.

MOVE really is where mobility is re-imagined.

Feel free to have a look at some of our images above, click here to learn more about the event and contact us if you require any further information on the event or spotted us but did not get the chance to have a talk.

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