Y Mobility at ITU Telecom 2019

15 September 2019

Learn more about the events we are attending and have been invited to speak at the next few weeks.

As experts in our field, with the invaluable knowledge and expertise of our CEO David Fidalgo and team, we are often invited to participate, moderate or speak at events on A.I. Big Data, Mobility and of course Autonomous Vehicles. 

Following a very productive few months and our participation in many projects – which we will shortly be adding in a brand new section on our website – we have consequently been invited to speak and attend a variety of events in the next few months. 

Have a look below at our next attendance at the ITU Workshop in Budapest and keep an eye out for regular updates here on our blog!

Event:  “The Turing Test for Autonomous Driving – A Global Performance Standard for AI on our Roads”, within ITU Telecom World 2019

Location: Budapest on 10 September 2019

Event Description: the ITU and ADA – Autonomous Driving Alliance have formed a new​ joint initiative to organize the first #AIforGood road safety event hosted at ITU Telecom in Budapest on Tuesday, 10 September. The objective of this ITU/ADA Workshop will be to present the state of the art in autonomous driving solutions and work together to define the “ADA AV Turing Test” for AI on our roads.​Inputs from the ITU/ADA impact sessions and interactive afternoon workshop will be used to generate the first roadmap for international collaboration on creating top-down performance standards for AI on our roads.

Speaker: Our CEO, David Fidalgo is honoured to have been invited as a key speaker at the event. He will be part of Panel 1 from 11:00 to 11:45, and speaking about “Autonomous Driving Pilot Projects and Use Cases”.

Pic by ITU

The Study Groups of ITU’s Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T) assemble experts from around the world to develop international standards known asITU-T Recommendations which act as defining elements in the global infrastructure of information and communication technologies (ICTs). Standards are critical to the interoperability of ICTs and whether we exchange voice, video or data messages, standards enable global communications by ensuring that countries’ ICT networks and devices are speaking the same language.

Feel fee to click here to learn more about the event programme and speakers of the day or simply contact us if you are attending the event and would like to organise a meeting with our CEO.

Article by Nicholas Kalavas for Y-Mobility

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