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3 February 2021

During lockdown, the park became a salvation for all of us. It’s the only place where we can meet up to catch up, debate and share our thoughts whilst getting our allowed one walk a day. This is exactly how the idea of Conversations in the Park was born! 

The podcast creates meaningful conversations in a relaxed environment. Conversations in the Park is a place where we share, collaborate, and cultivate our knowledge of mobility.  We join experts from our community, including startups, for an hour of discourse on the important topics. Our aim is to always have a diverse and experienced selection of guests. This is how we ensure the conversation is relevant and timely.

But that’s not what makes us different. In our long years of experience, we noticed most mobility-centred podcasts are American. That provides a very one-sided view of the industry. Conversations in the Park focuses on the UK and other mobility markets, giving you a different point-of-view. 

We simulate the relaxed atmosphere of Thursday drinks and talk about some of the themes, changes and challenges of the mobility ecosystem. Each episode entails a collaborative discussion with experts from different disciplines of mobility. We cover automotive, autonomous systems, safety, ethics on intelligent systems and much more –  giving you all different perspectives regarding the hot topics of the industry. 

Our first episode is hosted by David Fidalgo, Y-Mobility founder, and Jayesh Jagasia, fellow expert in the industry. Our guests  Natalie Sauber, Nick Reed and Morten Rynning chat about Micro mobility and the new way of transport in the COVID-19 Era. Click below to hear their thoughts.

New episodes are coming soon too. Join our hosts, along with three new expert guest speakers each month for a candid Conversation in the Park. We hope you’re just as excited as us! 

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