Y-Mobility is launching a Master Class!

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Nowadays, the ecosystem of Mobility seems to get more and more complex. Its evolution is accelerating every day, which often makes it a challenge to keep up. That is why we have a Masterclass that brings all the basics together in a cohesive and succinct way. Our aim is to refresh your existing knowledge as well as expand and better it.

The Master Class: Software Transformations in the Automotive industry covers crucial topics like:

  • Automotive Digitalization
  • ACES
  • Mobility Architectures
  • Automotive Transformation
  • Embedded vs Digital
  • Impact of new technologies on current market
  • The future of mobility and the industry

Taught by our founders David Fidalgo and Ged Lancaster, both industry experts with extensive experience.

In addition to lectures, participants have the opportunity to practice their acquired knowledge during a team exercise session.

As a conclusion of the day, the Master Class includes a video from an expert, which further discusses the essential topics covered during the day.

All the basics covered in a single day of in-depth learning for £550 per person.


So don’t forget to claim yours below

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