Y Mobility review: Pandemic and Technology

29 May 2020

As the unexpected and unprecedented Global pandemic wreaks havoc in our lives on both a personal level and business level, many companies have attempted to offer their expertise and knowledge to help fight CoViD-19. In this spirit, our CEO and Founder, David Fidalgo, was a pioneer in creating a Technology hub for experts in the industry to come together, discuss the situation, analyse how they all collectively can help and set out the relevant targets and objectives for the audacious project.

In his Blog: “An open letter for all the Autonomous Vehicles companies out there. Let’s act now”, on the 28th of March, our CEO made an Open call to a variety of experts in Technology and other sectors. He made it very clear that

It would be detrimental to stay inactive and I -for one – would wish to make use of our ability to create and collaborate in the most important time of our lives.

and went on to invite them all to:

to a Zoom Conversation this coming Thursday, at 17:00 (BST) the 2nd of April 2020 to a Thinking Tank Session to discuss how we can all contribute and assist in this crisis.

Despite initial difficulties and indeed limitations in contacting a variety of experts in their field due to the “lockdown”, the Atact project, quickly picked up pace with more than 30 companies, experts, technologists and other entrepreneurs getting involved. The first meeting and video conference was hence scheduled and the Y Mobility Atact Manifesto was produced after a Core team of experts was assembled and carefully selected. The Manifesto went on to outline the Values, Mission and Technology Challenge this initiative was created to “fight” and how the team involved was able to help.

The main objective and aim of the project is to Create a community of technical experts that can contribute and collaborate across different industries to create short term, medium- and long-term projects that allow us to fight this global pandemic and improve our current systems to be able to be prepare for the next challenges of humankind.

Collaboration and Innovation are central to our proposition as we seek to bring together an amalgamate of experts able to enrich our knowledge pool and provide feasible, fast and effective solutions to the problems caused by the pandemic. The Initiative’s Manifesto, which can be seen in detail here, goes on to not only offer ideas and analysis of the current situation but also example problem scenarios that may potentially arise and how they can accordingly be solved through a variety of technological and other means as well collaboration.

We need your help, so if you or your company want to join the community to contribute and collaborate to fight the pandemic with technology and passion, we would love to hear from you. Join our community, get involved or simply follow our news now by reading more at autonomousmob-vea9551.slack.com!

As a company that operates for years in the technology and mobility industries, Y Mobility has already designed a variety of service propositions and solutions for some of the issues companies are facing nowadays. Some of our solutions include:

  • 80/20 Virtual Testing: This offer is based on one of the potential bottle-necks that all the OEM’s were experimenting during the Covid19 lock-down. Before the pandemic was released upon us, the majority of Software releases had to go through Human or Hardware (SIL, MIL, HIL are just some of those) validations. The percentage validations (80% – 20%) are commonly used to signify the percentage of  physical (80%) and virtual (20%) validation. That has proven to be a “bottle-neck” that Y Mobility and our partners have developed a solution for, being able to offer an 80% virtual and 20% physical validation that can be applicable for 80% of the vehicle testing


  • Automotive Digital Innovation: In the automotive world, the word digital historically referred – mainly – to  infotainment systems and marketing. Innovation on the contrary, was more related to actual ideas that can change the status quo of the industry. However, having a digital framework that allows innovation is something automotive “players” have never explored, as the nature of the industry is more based on having a vehicle-centric approach. However, this is definitely about to change. The days of having “face-to-face” meetings, factory based workshops and direct brain storming idea sessions, are already a “thing of the past” the last 2 months and rapidly a “Practice of Now”. Our team in the Automotive Ecosystems Solution Team have been working for the last 3 weeks in Automotive Digital Innovation offers , which allow us to provide digital workshops, online thinking tanks sessions, innovation programs and tools to developing ideas from your place of work (anywhere in the world) and still being in contact with your team and efficient.


  • Software & Architecture development Strategy: Most of the OEM’s have two main challenges to overcome.
    • One is the fact that their approach to software development is not efficient due to the lack of digitization and the dependency on hardware to develop and validate the software
    • Their vehicle architectures are not ready to become more digital and have an interaction with their cloud based systems as well as with the data centres. Also, their infrastructure from Edge to data cluster – enterprise & cloud are not efficient.

What are your thoughts on the above? Any comments or suggestions of something we should add to our Blog?

Think we can help you? Send us an email at info@y-mobility.co.uk, or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn where we release educational and informative content every day.

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