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We are a group of technologists, entrepreneurs, business consultants and investors that recognise the challenges of future mobility.
The world is evolving and the digital, big data, AI and Embedded systems are starting to co-exist in one ecosystem. The Mobility ecosystem.

Y-Mobility was founded to CREATE – CULTIVATE & CONNECT all the technological “tribes” in order to Drive the Quality of this Transformation.

Automotive & Mobility Go-to Market

Intelligent Mobility Solutions

Automotive Ecosystems

Market Research & Investment Readiness

Automotive Value Generation

Intelligent Mobility Solutions

Automotive Ecosystems

Market Research & Investment Readiness

Who we are?

We are a group of automotive & mobility translators that understand the different technology tribes and their languages.

We understand the automotive & mobility ecosystems, their business relationships, technical challenges and are able to offer solutions.

We are a “Value Creating” consultancy focused on helping our clients build the Mobility & Connectivity solutions of the future.

Our vision
of mobility

Infrastructure & Insurance

The changes of customer behavior and the flexibility of the mobility solutions in the market is generating new business models and revenues.

Connectivity 5G

In the era of the internet of things, connectivity and digital transformation is generating new business models and revenue streams.


Autonomous, Connected, Electric and Share Mobility Vehicles (ACES) are changing the Automotive Industry.


Customer demand for Electric Vehicles and Share mobility is pushing the energy companies to change to a new transportation paradigm.

& Clients

We are the ideal partner to drive your technological and business transformation into  the mobility ecosystem of the future.

We undertake a variety or technical and strategic projects for a range of clients in the Mobility and Automotive tech industries worldwide. Our work is focused on the opportunities offered by ACES (Autonomous, Connected, Electric and Shared Mobility), AI, Edge Computing and Big Data architectures.

Our capacity and capabilities include:

Edge Computing

which enable vehicles and infrastructure to communicate with each other and the cloud.

Artificial Intelligence

allowing autonomous vehicles to “learn” their environment and enable the simplest of driver assistance features all the way to fully-automated “Level 5” – driverless vehicles.

Mobility Architectures

that enable communication between the mobility infrastructure, the non-autonomous vehicles and autonomous vehicles as well as the physical infrastructure.


a strategic deployment of the infrastructure and the control of the energy demand and the asset utilization of electric vehicles.

Our work has helped to deliver complex transformation programmes of great significance globally in the mobility and tech industry.

Have a look at our portfolio here for more information and do not omit to read our Bio’s and company history below.

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